Stephanie is a lawyer at Warren Camacho LLP, specializing in family law. Prior to joining Warren Camacho LLP in 2013, Stephanie practiced family law and civil/commercial litigation at a national firm in Ottawa. Stephanie advises clients on a broad range of family law matters including parenting, child support, spousal support, division of property, and domestic contracts. Given her background in commercial litigation, she has developed a strong understanding of complex financial issues arising from business ownership and self-employment in the family law context.


Stephanie believes that each family is unique and requires a solution tailored to the specific circumstances that family. She takes a pragmatic approach to each file and attempts to achieve a balance between clients’ substantive rights, entitlements, and responsibilities with a cost-effective and timely resolution of the issues. She is an active proponent of alternative dispute resolution, in the appropriate circumstances, and has extensive experience representing clients in negotiations, mediation, and Court.

Specification: Stephanie R. White

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Warren Camacho LLP

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613-565-3813 x 226

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